The solutions we use daily are increasingly leveraging satellite assets in space.

Tracking this…positioning that…securing those…guiding things…mapping everything. Indeed, most businesses can no longer ignore the potential to innovate their existing solutions to now include some form of ‘downstream space’ application.

So if the Ordnance Survey challenge is not for your business…then we welcome ANY fresh idea – an innovation project and start-up concept involving the three main Downstream Space sub-sectors of:

Satellite Communication


Earth Observation

Human Spaceflight Technologies Human Spaceflight Technologies
Satellite Communication Satellite Communication
Satellite Navigation Satellite Navigation
Earth Observation Earth Observation
Space Weather Space Weather
Financial Financial
Aviation Aviation
Education Education
Energy Energy
Media Media
Agriculture Agriculture
Environment Environment
Transport Transport
Healthcare Healthcare
Maritime Maritime

If there is strong response for any particular sub-sector, we will double-down our efforts to provide deeper specialist support.

In the South, Oxford Innovation and our partners are particular keen on solutions for Marine & Maritime, Aerospace, Transport, Big Data, Gaming, Urban Futures and Agri-Tech sectors.

We are developing a few User Application challenges to help you with choosing your idea.

These could be:

  • monitoring and assisting shipping in port activities
  • time lapsed mapping of Bordon new town – tracking its ‘as built’ story
  • supporting care provision to the elderly in smart city ‘assisted living’ environments
  • monitoring and real-time alerts for farming assets, activities, and crop growth and pest levels
  • on-demand transport solutions within Whitehall & Bordon new town

An use-case challenge from one of our partners – EMS

Capturing As Built Data for a new Fibre Network

The latest Android OS allows GNSS (GPS) position data to be augmented to increase accuracy from a few metres to a few centimetres. Thus a standard Android phone can be used to capture “as built” data with the same high positional accuracy as professional surveying equipment. Electronic Media Service are building a new Fibre network to support the development of Whitehill and Bordon as a Smart and Healthy Town.

The challenge from EMS is to develop an App on an Android phone with augmentation data from OSNET be used to accurately capture the positions of chambers and duct infrastructure (e.g. changes of direction and duct lengths)? The app should create data that can be imported into a GIS system, e.g. QGIS.

If you have a ‘use case challenge’; tell us and we will post it too!