The OI Space Cohort 2018 are now benefiting from an intensive incubation programme of support.

We have just completed a highly successful WORKSHOP ZERO.

Of the 22 innovation projects submitted, we now have ten winners and a two ‘highly commended’ runners up that form the 2018 Cohort of the OI Space Incubator programme. They will convene again for Workshop One on 3rd July 2018 at Fareham Innovation Centre.

This is a fully funded programme – free to access. Candidates and winners retain Intellectual Property that they own.

The 2018 Cohort have:

  • Innovation projects or new concepts that leverage technology in outer space
  • Projects that result in a commercial viable solution or product that can be piloted or launched by 12th December 2018
  • Solutions and products that leverage established technology or new technology that can be proven during the six-month incubation period
  • Identification of a target market or market segment to pilot your solution or product during the incubation period
  • No barriers to entry or commercial agreements required in order to launch
  • A mutually valuable well-scoped project for an intern

And of course, awesome concepts with sufficient subject-matter expertise to deliver!

Incubation Workshop Zero - Qualify (COMPLETED)

This two-day workshop was the standard ‘UK Space Agency – Entrepreneur Programme‘ delivered in partnership with SetSquared. The top 18 candidate projects were invited to fine tune their applications and pitch for the 10 places in the OI Space Incubator.

Click on a day below to see the breakdown of what happen. Get ready for the 2019 version!

June 13th - Day 1: Turning Ideas in to a Business

Introductions (0900 – 0930 hrs)

Session 1: The Power of Why (0930 – 1100 hrs)

Understanding the concepts of the Golden Circle and the power of driving a business from “Why”. What you will learn:

  • The principle of The Golden Circle
  • The importance of ‘Why’
  • How to get To ‘Why’
  • The Customer Discovery Canvas Workshop: Getting to ‘Why’

Session 2: Building a Solution (1100 – 1230 hrs)

Building a solution that reflects “Why” and converges on a problem/solution fit. What you will learn

  • Amplifying ‘Why’ through ‘How’ and ‘What’
  • How to get to ‘How’ and ‘What’
  • How to get ‘Why’ into ‘What’ you do
  • Workshop: Creating a Solution based on ‘Why’

Lunch & Stories from the “Entrepreneurial Coal Face” (1230 – 1330 hrs)

Session 3: Understanding the Problem (1330 – 1500 hrs)

Identifying real customer problems, existing business models and willingness to pay. What you will learn

  • Where problems come from
  • Finding whose problem it is
  • Building a customer profile
  • Identifying customer needs
  • Discover customer buying behaviours and where they hang out Workshop: Is it A Real Problem

Session 4: How Big Is The Opportunity? (1500 – 1630 hrs)

Identifying, sizing and selecting target markets and positioning against competitors.

What you will learn

  • How to define markets
  • Market sizing, segmenting and targeting
  • How to get to market share
  • Positioning the company/product in the marketplace Workshop: What’s The Opportunity

Session 5: Customer Discovery Validation (1630 – 1800 hrs)

Peer review of the Customer Discovery Canvas. Each company has 10 minutes to explain their canvas and get feedback from the rest of the delegates What you will learn

  • Do you have problem/solution fit?
  • Are customers willing to pay?
  • Is it a problem worth solving?
  • Workshop: Customer Discovery Validation
June 14th - Day 2: Turning a Business into Money

Session 6: Understanding the Numbers (0830 – 0930 hrs)

Developing a financial model and understanding revenue, pricing and costs for your business What you will learn

  • Building a financial model for your business
  • How to set price
  • Understanding costs
  • The 3 financial statements

Session 7: Next Steps (0930 – 1015 hrs)

Discovering how to move your business forward using “Lean Methodology” and The Business Model Canvas. What you will learn

  • The “Lean Methodology”
  • Testing your assumptions
  • What next?
  • The Business Model canvas Workshop: Identifying Business Models

Session 8: Presentation Tips and Brief (1015 – 1030 hrs)

Hints and tips for pitching success and understanding the brief

Pitch Preparation (1030 – 1200 hrs)

Lunch (1200 – 1300 hrs)

Pitching Sessions (1300 – 1500 hrs)

Speed Mentoring/ Feedback (1515 – 1630 hrs)

Candidates with Partners – Networking Tea (1630 – 1800 hrs)

Cocktails – Proseco and canapes (1800 – 1900 hrs)

Awards Presentation as part of Gala Dinner (1900 hrs)

The 10 winning pitches will enter the 6-month incubation programme. They will also be introduced to their University of Southampton intern during the awards ceremony.

Workshop One

This four-day intensive incubation workshop is delivered by ‘Fresh Perspectiv’, Oxford Innovation and In-Space Missions Ltd. The cohort of the top 10 candidate projects will now drill down on the technology feasibility, commercial viability and user desirability of their concept. They will scope the following 9 weeks of the critical “Incubator Boost” phase of the OI Space Incubator, when 11 interns will provide significant talent and resource to bring the ideas to life. They will scope the build, test and launch phase up to 12th December 2018.

July 3rd - Day 1: Problem Solution Fit

0900 hrs Registration and Coffee

0930 – 0945 hrs Introduction to the day

  • Brief review of concepts from the previous workshop
  • Aim and objectives for the day
  • What are we trying to achieve?
  • Why is it important?
  • How are we going to achieve it?

0945 – 1100 hrs Value Proposition

  • What is your value proposition?
  • Why would a customer care about your VP?
  • What do you know that supports your view?
  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • What benefits and features of your product enable you to provide the solution?
  • Do you know how the benefits and features are viewed by customers?
  • Is there a compelling reason to believe that there is a demand for your product or that it meets current unmet needs?
  • How important is the problem you are trying to solve for them?
  • How does your solution compare with other approaches or competitive products?
  • Have you validated that?
  • Have you validated that there is receptivity and willingness to pay?
  • How will you validate or test your hypotheses?

1100 – 1215 hrs Market segmentation

  • Do you understand your  market segmentation?
  • Have you validated that?
  • Have you validated that there is receptivity and willingness to pay?
  • How will you validate or test your hypotheses?1

1215 – 1315 hrs Lunch

1315 – 1430 hrs Customer Focus

  • Who is your customer? (user vs. influencer vs. decision maker)
  • Have you validated that?
  • Have you validated that there is receptivity and willingness to pay?
  • How will you validate or test your hypotheses?

1430 – 1545 hrs External factors

  • How well do you understand alternative solutions?
  • How well do you understand existing competitors (or potential competitors)
  • How do your benefits and features compare with the competition?
  • Why is what you are doing better than other solutions?
  • Have you validated that?
  • Have you validated that there is receptivity and willingness to pay?
  • How will you validate or test your hypotheses?

1545 – 1630 hrs Wrap up

What will the participants leave the workshop with?

Having considered the areas above, the intention is to bring it all together, capturing:

  • what they know already,
  • remaining questions and hypotheses to test
  • actions for them as an organisation to address the questions and hypotheses above.
July 4th - Day 2: Creating Value and Understanding Costs

0900 – 0930 hrs Registration & Coffee

0930 – 1000 hrs Introductions

  • People and projects
  • Recap from previous day
  • Overview of agenda

1000 – 1100 hrs Minimum viable product (MVP)

Road-testing your concept with a Minimum Viable Product

  • What is an MVP and how to define it appropriately for your business
  • What will be your route(s) to market?

1115 – 1300 hrs Financial planning

Financial projections

  • Working out project costs – current and future, fixed and variable
  • How will we earn revenue and from whom?
  • What will your final customers pay and when?
  • How will this affect the proportion of revenue that you receive?
  • What will your breakeven point be?
  • How many new customers do you expect to be able to attract in the first 12 months and what revenue do you expect to earn from them?
  • How will you win new customers and how much will that cost you?
  • What will your profit/loss be in year one?
  • What will your cash flow look like?
  • How much money will you require in order to road-test your MVP?

1300 – 1400 hrs Lunch

1400 – 1600 hrs Funding

  • What are the commercial funding options?
  • What are the respective funders looking for and how do they assess investment opportunities?
  • What materials do we need to prepare for them?
  • How do we approach them?
  • How long is it likely to take to raise the necessary funds?
  • Where to look for grant funding options?

1600 – 1630 hrs Conclusions

  • Impact on the projects
  • Questions for next day and future workshops
July 5th - Day 3: The Gap Analysis

0900 – 0930 hrs Coffee

0930 – 1100 hrs Resources

  • What technology and data are required?
  • What equipment and facilities will it require?
  • What knowledge and skills are required?
  • Where we lack the required resources, what partnerships could we pursue?
  • What testing and verification may be needed?
  • What certification and approvals will it require?
  • What IP protection should be considered?

1115 – 1145 hrs Business plans

  • What and who are they for?
  • What should be in a compelling business plan?
  • What do investors look for

1145 – 1300 hrs Project planning

Closing the gap

  • Consider each of the issues raised so far, what is the gap between reality and the vision?
  • Define
    • Actions
    • Timeline
    • Milestones
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Key progress measures

1300 – 1400 hrs Lunch

1400 – 1600 hrs One-to-one project support

A chance for people to discuss their projects with Advisors and arrange follow up support

16.00 – 16.30 hrs Conclusions

  • Impact on the projects
  • Suggestions for Days 4 – 6 workshops

Having considered the aspects above, you should be in a position to:

  • Plan for the next ten weeks
  • Understand the outcomes needed to inform the Go To Market stage
  • Have the expectations of funders in mind
July 6th - Day 4 - Space for Non-Space Businesses

1100 -1200 hrs Space 101

    • What is a spacecraft?  What are the component parts of a space mission?
    • Overview of different orbits and mission types
    • The challenges of building, launching and operating a space mission
    • Focus on GNSS, AIS and GEO Comms
    • Mythbusting

1200 – 1230 hrs Q&A

1230 – 1330 hrs Lunch

1330 1430 hrs Design Exercise

The cohort will be split into 5 – 7 person teams and be asked to design a mission to meet a requirement to be revealed on the day

1430 -1500 hrs Presentation of Designs

1500 hrs Close

Workshop Two

August 29th - Day One - Progress Review and Plan Ahead

0900 – 0930 hrs Registration & Coffee

0930 – 0945 hrs Recap

Recap from previous sessions. Overview of agenda.

0945 – 1200 hrs Design Thinking

User-centred design. Circular design.

1200 – 1300 hrs Lunch

1300 – 1700 hrs Report and Plan

  • 30 mins per company
  • Discuss progress and pivoting
  • Feedback from team
  • Future issues


August 30th - Day Two - Get Ready to Commercialise

0900 – 0930 hrs Registration & Coffee

0930 – 1000 hrs Project Finances

Catch up on financial planning.

1000 – 1200 hrs Commercial planning

Partnership agreement, white labelling, contractual terms.

1200 – 1300 hrs Lunch

1300 – 1400 hrs International trade

Practical advice about preparing for and getting the most from trading overseas.

1400 – 1500 hrs Innovation Journey

The lessons learned on the innovation and commercialisation journey.

1500 – 1600 hrs Marketing to launch

How to get your brand and story prepared, get the website ready, build customers in advance of launch.

1630hrs OI South Digital Network

Networking and Cohort catch up.

Our Experts

Richard May, Incubation Director, Fareham Innovation Centre in Hampshire - 1.

Programme Manager

Richard May

Richard has been one of OI’s Innovation Directors for 3 years, focussing on the business support programmes for our South Coast Centres. Previously, he has over 25 years of business and senior management experience gained in the Technology and Consulting departments of leading global companies like Credit Suisse, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Arthur Andersen.  Richard has also established and grown a start-up business in the Middle East. He is a Chartered Marketer and MBA qualified. He is currently a judge for employability and student enterprise awards at various universities and is a steering committee member of Venturefest South.

OI Space Incubator

Programme Lead

Elaine Kearney

Elaine is a specialist in collaborative innovation, technology transfer and operational management. She enjoys working with aspirational SMEs and is well known for building connections between researchers and businesses. Her entrepreneurial spirit quickly recognises opportunities for commercialisation. For over 20 years Elaine has worked in business support roles across the energy, aerospace, manufacturing and oil & gas sectors.

OI Space Incubator

Enterprise Adviser

Adrian Braine

Adrian is Entrepreneur in Residence for SETsquared and the 5G Test-bed in Basingstoke. He is also CEO and founder of Candescence a company providing innovation, entrepreneurship and go to market expertise that creates outstanding commercial impact. A business innovation leader and product and go to market expert, he has been the driving force behind more than 20 multi-million dollar products in the electronics, software and semiconductor industries.

OI Space Incubator

Entrepreneur Expert

Vincenzo Roberti

Vincenzo is a serial entrepreneur. His start-up ventures, began in 1999 developing a software platform delivering Digital Content to consumers – that company grew to become a UK listed company. Following acquisitions in 2014, Vincenzo has since dedicated most of his time to investment, coaching, advising and mentoring start-up ventures and SME within the UK technology industries. Vincenzo also joined Richard Branson (Virgin Start-up) helping to develop the next generation of young entrepreneurs and he is often a guest speaker and has been on business panels at various events.

OI Space Incubator

Enterprise Adviser

Tim Doidge

Tim Doidge has worked in the field of communications for over 30 years. As creative director of two of the leading manufacturers in these fields he has extensive experience in presenting highly complex and technical messages in an effective, compelling but above all understandable way. Over the last 5 years he has worked very closely with SETsquared acting as a business mentor and pitching coach. As a result he has helped hundreds of start-ups pitch more effectively to investors at major showcases around the UK.

OI Space Incubator

Innovation Adviser

Lucy Tucker, PhD.

Lucy spent 6 years working as a science and technology product, market and innovation strategy consultant for two Cambridge-based innovation and product-development consultancies. Her experience spans the breadth of product development, from product definition through to transfer-to-manufacture; combining my commercial and technical understanding to provide practical design recommendations and the development of go-to-market strategies.

OI Space Incubator

Innovation Adviser

Nigel Bailey, PhD.

Nigel helps senior teams to develop product development strategy plans, explore and validate market opportunities and assess customer needs. He worked as a Principal Consultant for 11 years in a science and technology innovation consultancy, responsible for project delivery, key client account management and ultimately ensuring that each project added value and met the unique needs of my portfolio of small and large sized clients.

OI Space Incubator

Innovation Adviser

Eric Wood

Helping to generate value from innovation lights Eric’s fire. This passion has been pursued fruitfully in several private sector, public sector, third sector and academic organisations as well as his own ventures. For 17 years Eric was Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Cape Town. He has an excellent track record working with SME management teams to enhance the capacity of their organisations to create value from innovation.

OI Space Incubator

Innovation Adviser

Matt Hindhaugh

Matt is our expert in applied open innovation. He’s great at building rapport and working with organisations to help them match “what’s needed with what’s possible”. He knows all about innovation culture as well as strategy, leadership and processes and will provide coaching and mentoring to create opportunities through effective collaboration.

OI Space Incubator

Innovation Adviser

Richard Holmes

Richard is a specialist in Access to Finance and Investment Readiness Strategies. With 22 years in Corporate and Retail banking and a further 17 years advising and coaching on achieving growth potential for SME’s, his passion is to help businesses get the right resources in place at the right time to enable sustainable and robust growth.

OI Space Incubator

Innovation Adviser

Sara Carter

Sara is our Innovate2Succeed marketing specialist. She loves to help businesses stand out from the crowd and realise opportunities through innovative approaches. Sara has over 15 years of hands-on professional experience creating cutting edge sales enhancing solutions for SMEs, charities and global companies. Sara holds an MBA and is a Chartered Manager.

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