Who are we working with?

We’re supporting UK-based SMEs with well thought through innovative ideas for commercial products and services that exploit space data, technologies or capabilities. Oxford Innovation and our partners are working with ideas from many sectors: marine, aerospace , transport , health, clean growth, gaming, agri-tech and urban futures.

The OI Space Incubator Cohort 2.0 are benefiting from an intensive incubation programme of support.

The OI Space Incubator provides the following:

6-months free workspace at BASE Bordon Innovation Centre

Access to our dedicated Innovation Director who supportS THEM to bring THEIR ideas to reality

2 intensive sets of workshops to test and validate ideaS and match PARTICPANTS to the experts THEY need to be ready to launch:

  • Innovation workshops: 7th – 9th January 2020
  • Launch readiness workshops: 18th – 20th February 2020

This is a fully funded programme – free to access. Candidates and winners retain Intellectual Property that they own.

The OI Space Incubator 2.0 Cohort have:

  • Innovation projects or new concepts that leverage technology in outer space
  • Projects that will result in a commercial viable solution or product that can be piloted or launched by summer 2020
  • Solutions and products that leverage established technology or new technology that can be proven during the six-month incubation period
  • Identification of a target market or market segment to pilot your solution or product during the incubation period
  • No barriers to entry or commercial agreements required in order to launch

And of course, awesome concepts with sufficient subject-matter expertise to deliver!

See who the OI Space Incubator 2.0 Cohort will be working with below … out of this world!

This three-day intensive innovation workshop launched the cohort and the support provided. The cohort of the top 6 candidate projects drilled down on the technology feasibility, commercial viability and user desirability of their concept. They then scoped the following 6 weeks of the critical “Incubator Boost” phase of the OI Space Incubator, where our experts will provide significant talent and resource to bring the ideas to life. They will scope the build, test and launch phase up to June 2020.

7th January - Day 1: Problem Solution Fit

Solve complex problems in a way that fits the state of your customers. Succeed faster and increase your solution adoption by tapping into existing mediums and channels of behaviour.

The day was tailored to the needs of the 6 selected cohort members, addressing the challenges and opportunities they each have.

10.00 Elaine Kearney, Oxford Innovation

Portia Bircher, UK Space Agency

Welcome and introduction

National Space Technology Programme

11.00 BREAK
11.15 Joel Freedman, Satellite Applications Catapult Introduction to User Centred Design
12.30 LUNCH
13.15 Louise Butt, South Coast Centre of Excellence for Satellite Applications

Tom Greenwood, ESA Business Applications and Space Solutions

Developments and trends in space data and technology
14.30 BREAK
14.45 Richard Brittan, Alcis The Alcis innovation journey, and the realities of getting the support you need
15.45 All Q&A and summary of learning
16.00 CLOSE
8th January - Day 2: Creating Value and Understanding Costs

Knowing the difference between cost and value can increase profitability: the cost of your product or service is the amount you spend to produce it. The price is your financial reward for providing the product or service. The value is what your customer believes the product or service is worth to them.

This day focused and honed down on each of the selected businesses value proposition, while also exploring cost and pricing and the relationship between all three.

10.00 Jason Hopkins, Ordnance Survey OS support for space technology developers
11.15 BREAK
11.30 Eric Wood, Affirma Fast learning and Minimum Viable Product
12.30 LUNCH
13.15 Eric Wood, Affirma When and how should I approach the question of a co-founding team for my venture?”
14.30 BREAK
14.45 Paul Glynn, Sandler Training Standing out from the crowd – what’s the problem you’re trying to solve?
15.45 All Q&A and summary of learning
16.00 CLOSE
9th January - Day 3: The Gap Analysis

gap analysis is an examination and assessment of your current performance for the purpose of identifying the differences between your current state of business and where you’d like to be.

This session focused on where you are now, where you want to be in the future, and the steps needed to get you there.

10.00 Susan Jason / Doug Liddle, In-Space Missions The In-Space Missions story and how to succeed in the sector
11.15 BREAK
11.30 Christopher Buckland, Oxford Innovation Services Counting up all the costs
12.30 LUNCH
13.15 Nick Chard, Intellectual Property Office Protecting and creating value from your IP
14.30 BREAK
14.45 Matt Hindhaugh, Oxford Innovation Services How do you work out the scale of the opportunity?
15.45 All Q&A and summary of learning
16.00 CLOSE

Workshop Two - 18th – 20th February 2020

18th February - Day One - Progress Review and Plan Ahead

A tailored day for participants to reflect on their business growth plans and to identify what they need to be focusing on now to realise their aims.

10.00 Ryan O’Keeffe, We Are Jago

Robert Howe, ESM Solutions

The power of branding

Business decision making

11.15 BREAK
11.30 Paul Glynn, Sandler Training Is my sales process fit for the job?
12.30 LUNCH
13.15 James Lane, Intelligent Connections R&D tax credits
14.00 Sara Carter Marketing and social media
16.00 CLOSE
19th February - Day Two - Get Ready to Commercialise

Understanding how you commercialise your idea is the fundamental aim of this day – your innovation path, marketing and positioning and who/what is going to help you launch.

10.00 Christophe Christiaen, Business Strategy Associate & Sustainable Finance Lead, SA Catapult (by webinar)

Owen Metters, Williams F1

Spatial Finance Initiative


Foresight Williams Fund EIS investment in space sector

11.15 BREAK
11.30 Derek Ellis, Finance South East Funding your business innovation and growth
12.30 LUNCH
13.15 Paul Stacey, IQB Consulting Notes from a Financial Director
14.30 BREAK
14.45 Nigel Walker, Innovate UK Support for innovation – networks, grants and loans
15.45 All Q&A and summary of learning
16.00 CLOSE
20th February - Day 3 - Becoming investor ready

Understanding who your potential investor could be, and what they are looking for form the basis of this session. It will give you the tools to identify who to engage with and how to present your business to.

10.00 University of Portsmouth, tbc

Craig Gordon, Enterprise Europe Networks

Penelope Utting, UK Space

Academic collaboration

International R&D partnerships and funding

The Space Trade Association

11.15 BREAK
11.30 Steve Janes, JPP Law Managing R&D and commercial collaborations
12.30 LUNCH
13.15 Frances Clarke, University of Southampton

Helen Simpson, Trade South East (by webinar)

The SPRINT programme

How to create the right international trade partnerships

14.30 BREAK
14.45 Andy Bennett, Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) Support to access space and non-space networks
15.45 All Q&A and summary of learning
16.00 CLOSE
OI Space Incubator

The oi Space incubator team

Elaine Kearney – Programme Manager

Elaine is a specialist in collaborative innovation, technology transfer and operational management. She enjoys working with aspirational SMEs and is well known for building connections between researchers and businesses. Her entrepreneurial spirit quickly recognises opportunities for commercialisation.

For over 20 years Elaine has worked in business support roles across the energy, aerospace, manufacturing and oil & gas sectors.

We have over 100 people actively involved in the OI Space Incubator! Now its your turn.

Great networking and ‘know how’ events in 2020. 

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