meet some of the UK’s most exciting early stage space tech businesses

The OISI 2.0 Cohort has been formed and they are busy getting their launch plans in shape. Learn more about the businesses we are supporting below! We’ll keep updating this page, so come back to visit!

Flightform Insights

Our innovative product will help offshore wind farm developers identify the best sites and optimal layout for their energy projects. It will use earth observation data to characterise the sites of interest, thus saving them time and resources in their prospecting and planning stages.

Developers currently conduct site characterisations through in-situ measuring campaigns that are long and expensive. Our alternative can cover any area in the global oceans and measure several key parameters over several years which translates into superior quality information.

More info: Flightform Insights

Space Power

As missions in space become more challenging and payloads become more demanding, spacecraft will require more energy and batteries will increasingly become a limiting factor. Space Power is developing a flexible, backwards compatible power grid in-orbit to provide equipment with wireless power, decreasing their reliance on battery technologies and increasing the mission value of solar-powered assets.

Space Power will enable customers to access more power density than the sun can provide, even in Earth’s shadow, enabling 24hr satellite utility.

Stored power can take up to nearly a third of volume and weight budgets, whilst placing excessive thermal loads on the system and limiting the payload potential of satellites, rovers and drones. Space Power will provide concentrated power bursts to improve satellite design, enable more ambitious payloads and keep missions running beyond their current design limits.

More info: Space Power


Paromat provides professional solutions with real-time live asset sensing (IoT) across the Cruise Marine, Private Yacht and Commercial Hospitality sectors. We work closely with passenger ship operators, owners, private clients, Marine professionals, and Hoteliers for improved asset longevity.

Different to typical monitoring and performance services available, Paromat offers a disruptive turn-key solution by incorporating digital twin, OEM, BIM and Satellite technologies into a single platform for advanced asset, location, equipment, passenger and fleet analysis.

More info: Paromat