22 cohort hopefuls jostle for a place.

In just three months, Oxford Innovation had nearly 70 people express interest in the new OI Space Incubator supported by the UK Space Agency. This new UK-wide OI Space community submitted 22 innovation projects – some responding to the Ordnance Survey innovation challenge and others pitching new Satellite Applications that have the ability to enhance current offerings and grow their business.

Richard May, the programme manager, commented “We are thrilled at the response from across the country. We have a wide range of concepts targeting many sectors including Agriculture, Construction, Marine & Maritime, Emergency Services, Outdoor Leisure and Oil & Gas. Some are cutting edge tech; others are making iterative but valuable steps. Oxford Innovation is proving that such incubators indeed help the UK Space Agency achieve its goal to make more downstream use of space assets and data especially by micro and small businesses.”

The cohort will now ‘stress test’ their 22 projects on 13th and 14th June during the UK Space Agency Entrepreneurial Programme at Fareham Innovation Centre run by SetSquared. Ten winning projects will be awarded a place in the 6-month OI Space Incubator programme that starts on 3rd July and is supported by over 25 partner organisations ranging for SMEs to primes like Airbus and Ordnance Survey.